Beat Maker – Create Your Own Masterpiece

If you are a music enthusiast and would love to create your own hip hop, rap or any other kind of music beat then there are many beat making software out there in the market. Advancements in the field of technology have led to the invention of this relatively new software. Amidst the multitude of music making software for digital music Dub turbo is definitely a perfect choice. Dub turbo helps you to generate your own music and create your favorite tracks and tunes at home on the PC. Dub turbo is a digital music production software targeted mainly on the amateurs to the mediocre music lovers. This in fact is a masterful tool for the budding music fanatics.

Features incorporated in this Dub turbo software:

  1.  Designed with the beginner in mind it is basically a training tool that enables the person to have a better understanding before switching over to an advanced software system. It is a simple to use application with a user-friendly interface.
  2.  As Dub turbo is basically a Digital Audio workstation it allows you to make quality rap and hip hop beats. It also provides a step by step guide for even the newbies to get started easily. The video tutorials are also helpful both to the beginners as well as the professional beat makers.
  3.  It is amazing to note that you can use your keyboard to control the software. The keyboard shortcuts enable you to operate and maneuver around easily. Dub turbo assists to add or generate different sounds with the keyboard shortcuts. Everything seems so magical.
  4.  The four octave keyboard kit compromises of 2 octaves that are entirely controlled and regulated by your keyboard keys. This facilitates you to compose the exact beats you want.
  5.  The 40 drum kits enable you to incorporate and mix as many kinds of music possible. Set your imagination on fire and unfurl your creativity and make unique beats. Be it hip hop, trance, pop, new wave, techno, hot dance tunes, killer rap beats or your own hot beats. The choice is endless.
  6.  The keyboard panel implements the piano, saxes, bass, bells, quirks and stabs. This enables you to import your own tracks easily and also ensures authentic beat and sound. All you have to do is just make the rhythm go with your beat.
  7.  Dub turbo ensures high studio quality beats and sounds in .wav format.
  8.  Another impressive feature is that it comes with a 60 day free trail offer. This enables you to investigate and examine everything carefully before investing your money in this software.

Benefits of Dub turbo software:

  1.  This software program enables you to include beats and music to your favorite songs.
  2.  The easy to use quality and user-friendly interface enables you to handle, maneuver and navigate easily.
  3.  You can compose your tracks whenever your wish whether you are online or offline.
  4.  This software is easy to understand and use as it provides a step-by-step guide and also a detailed video tutorial.
  5.  This is also relatively cheap when compared to the other beat makers available in the market today. Cost involved in buying sound cards and mini keyboards are also minimized.
  6.  You can add sounds though external recording and create absolutely unique beats that will be appreciated by all.

Dub turbo software is easier than you think. This software is the ultimate way to create high quality music and sound beats at home. Buy one today and invent mind-boggling and irresistible beats.

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